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|item category=text sections
|item category=text sections
}}{{MS TOC2
}}{{MS TOC2
|folio 1=80ra
|folio 1=80vb
|text=Lebor gabála Érenn (Recension B)
|text=Lebor gabála Érenn (Recension B)
|includes=Lebor gabála Érenn/2G(2). Kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann
|includes=Lebor gabála Érenn/2G(2). Kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann; Túatha Dé Danann fo diamair; Gabail Hérenn nert nar fhand;
|remarks=In progress/To be verified. Macalister, vol. 4, §§ 353-354.
|item category=text sections
|item category=text sections
}}{{MS TOC2
}}{{MS TOC2

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(a) ff. 75B-100

References will be made to the relevant volumes of Macalister's edition of LGÉ, Ó Cuiv's catalogue desciption and R. Mark Scowcroft, ‘Leabhar Gabhála. Part I: the growth of the text’, Ériu 38 (1987).
Work in progress
f. 75Br–f. 90vb.13
Incipit: ‘...Ro taisbenta na duile corpda do Adam [f. 75Bv]’A version of the so-called B-recension of Lebor gabála Érenn. Some leaves are wanting and one leaf is out of place. Ó Cuív's reconstructed order of folia using the old foliation, with the present one between brackets, is as follows: 1 (75B), 2 (missing), 3 (76B), 4 (77), 5 (78), 6 (79), 7 (missing, conjugate with 2), 8 (76A), 9 (80), 10 (81), 11 (82), 12-13 (missing), 14 (83) and 15-21 (84-90). As f. 75Br has become illegible, the first words one can still make out are on the verso: Ro taisbenta na duile corpda do Adam [...].
f. 76Ara.1–f. 76Ara.i
Incipit: ‘[A coic Sengaind] co torchair la Fiacha mac Zair’Acephalous and out of place (see note above). Tract on the Fir Bolg, Fir Domnain and Gáiléoin, beg. halfway Macalister, vol. 4, § 288.
f. 76Ara.i–f. 76Arb
Incipit: ‘Fir Bolc tra ro tamnait isin cath sin inge mad bec [...]’Tract on the migrations of the Fir Bolg after the battle at Mag Tuired. Macalister, vol. 4, §§ 291-293.
f. 76Arb–f. 76Ava
MS heading: ‘Comaimserad rig an domain innso fri rigaib Fear mBolc’Synchronisms of the taking of Ireland by the Fir Bolg. Macalister, vol. 4, §§ 301-302.
f. 76Ava
MS heading: ‘Do gabail Tuaithe D. D. annso’Macalister, vol. 4, § 320 ff. The text continues on f. 80.
f. 76Bra.1–f. 76Bra.12
Incipit: ‘[Ceithre cath coicat] ro ráinset rempo fri Freseno’Final portion of the tract on the wanderings of the Goídil, corresponding to Macalister vol. 2, §§ 132-133. Incl., on lines 10-12, the first quatrain of the poem beg. Doluid Milid isin Scithia.
f. 76Bra.13–f. 76Bra.31
Incipit: ‘Scuirem do scelaib na nGoidel’Macalister, vol. 2, §§ 172-173. Incl. first line of poem beg. Capa is Laigne is Luasat grind.
f. 76Bra.31–f. 77ra.20
MS heading: ‘Do gabail Cesrach annso sis’Tract on the settlement of Cesair. Macalister, vol. 2, § 174ff.
f. 77ra.21–f. 78va.i
MS heading: ‘Do gabail Partoloin ann so’
f. 78va.i–f. 79rb.3
Incipit: ‘O ro innisimar tra do Cesair ⁊ do Partholoin co lleir [...]’Tract on the taking of Ireland by Nemed. It begins with an introductory passage (ff. 78va.i-vb.3; Macalister, vol. 3, §246), followed by the heading Gabail Nemid sisana (f. 78vb.4). Macalister, vol. 3, §§ 246-253.
f. 79rb.4–f. 79vb.i
Incipit: ‘Atbath Nemed do thám in Ailén arda Nemid in .h. Liathain’Tract on the Nemedians after Nemed's death and their conflict with the Fomoire. Macalister, vol. 3, §§ 254-265.
f. 79vb.i–f. 79vb.i
MS heading: ‘Comaimserad Nemid annso sis’Incipit: ‘Da fichet bliadan tra ⁊ dc. [...]’Synchronisms for Nemed and the Nemedians. Beginning of Macalister §272 (announced after §265). Breaks off owing to the chasm between ff. 79 and 76A.
f. 80ra
Continued from f. 76Av. Macalister, vol. 4, § 322 ff.
f. 90vb.14–f. 96v
MS heading: ‘Miniugad gabal nErenn ⁊ a senchas ⁊ a remmend rigraide innso sis [...] ut dicunt historici’Incipit: ‘Hybernia insola possita est in occidente sicut Adae Paradissus’So-called Míniugud recension of Lebor gabála Érenn. Breaks off and continues, after loss of what Ó Cuív estimates to be one leaf, on f. 97. Old foliation: 21-27 (corresponding to ff. 90-96), 28 (missing), 29 (97).
Lacuna of one folio between ff. 96-97.
f. 97ra.1–f. 97va.13
Concludes with a king-list headed Rig hErenn iar creitim, listing kings from Loegaire to Ruaidri Ua Conchobair with their regnal years (ff. 97rba.19-37, 97rbb.19-37, and 97vaa.l-19), which is discussed by Scowcroft (1987): 132-133.
f. 97v
Note on Ireland's resemblance to Paradise, beginning Inis hErenn, tra, ro-suidigad isin fuined.
f. 97valine 24
Incipit: ‘ISi an cet breth rucad ind Erind’Triad on the first three judgments in Ireland