Ó Cléirigh (Cormac mac Diarmada mheic Taidhg Chaim)

  • d. 1542
  • Franciscan friars
Irish friar, a son of Diarmaid son of Tadhg Cam Ó Cléirigh.

See also: Tadhg Cam Ó CléirighÓ Cléirigh (Tadhg Cam) (d. 1492) – According to his obit in AFM s.a. 1492, ollamh to the Uí Dhomhnaill in history, poetry and literature (i n-eiccsi, h-i filidheacht ⁊ a senchus).
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Diarmaid mac Taidhg Chaim Ó CléirighÓ Cléirigh (Diarmaid mac Taidhg Chaim) (d. 1522) – Irish scholar, historian and poet, who was a son of Tadhg Cam Ó Cléirigh. His obit in the Annals of Ulster describes him as a duine maith ealadhna and sai re sencus ⁊ fer dána maith. He was slain in 1522.
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Ó Cléirigh familyÓ Cléirigh family / Uí Cléirigh / Uí Chléirigh – learned Irish family, who produced many poets and historians to chiefs of the Uí Dhomhnaill.
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