Úath mac Imomain
character in the LU version of Fled Bricrend
Cf. Cú RoíCú Roí / Cú Roí mac Dáiri / Cú Roí mac Dáire (ass. time-frame: Ulster Cycle) – warrior and king of Munster in tales of the Ulster Cycle
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The episode about Úath mac Imomain from Fled Bricrenn, ‘The feast of Bricriu’, occurs only in Lebor na hUidre (s. xi/xii), on a leaf inserted by scribe H (also known as ‘the interpolator’). Edgar Slotkin concluded that H invented this episode himself and offers an impressive theory on why H may have done so. This is a fresh study of the relevant texts and a refinement of Slotkin’s theory. H inserted the episode, but drew on older traditions, possibly from manuscripts now lost. Moreover, Úath mac 10 Imomain is shown to be part of a larger literary context. The medieval Irish tale type called úatha (tales of terror) and the form and function of supernatural beings called úatha ‘terrors’ are discussed.
Igitur – PDF: <link>
Sayers, William, “Úath mac Imomain (Fled Bricrend), Óðinn, and why the Green Knight is green”, Mankind Quarterly 30 (1990): 307–316.