Almu/Cnoc Almaine (Hill of Allen)

See also: IuchnaIuchna
Mythical cattle-owner or briugu; associated in dinnshenchas narratives with Almu (Hill of Allen, Co. Kildare) and Adarca (eponymously, Adarca Bó Iuchna) in Co. Offaly; name probably connected to Benna Iuchna in Slán seiss, a Brigit co mbúaid; in the story cycle around Cú Roí, he came to be equated or merged with Echde [or Eochu] Echbél, legendary owner of three special cows.
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Núadu mac AichedNúadu mac Aiched
a druid who figures in a number of narrative versions relating the dinnshenchas of Almu.
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