Augustinus Hibernicus
  • fl. mid-7th c.
  • authors
theologian and author of the Hiberno-Latin treatise De mirabilibus sacrae scripturae, sometimes attributed to a certain Augustine, hence the use of the phrase Augustinus Hibernicus (the Irish Augustine) or Pseudo-Augustine.
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Bracken, Damian, “Rationalism and the Bible in seventh-century Ireland”, Chronicon 2 (1998): 1–37. 
An Irish writer of the mid-seventh century, Augustinus Hibernicus, tried to explain the unusual events of the Bible in rationalist way. His rationalism is not as unusual as some believe because he was applying arguments developed by patristic writers. He had, however, a certain independence of mind, especially in his avoidance of some of Augustine's ideas. Augustine's use of the theory of the rationes seminales has not influenced him. This is not because he was ignorant of the idea, but because it conflicted with his more consistent conception of creation and miracles.
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