Cúldub mac uí Birgge
Cúldub (mac (h)uí Birgge in Finn and the man in the tree; mac Fidga in Echta Lagen...), fairy thief and opponent of Finn mac Cumaill.
Cf. Cúldub mac DéinCúldub mac Déin – Otherworldly character in the Dinnshenchas of Móin Gai Glais, according to which he slew Fidrad (eponym of Ard Fidraid) at Samain and was slain in turn by Gae Glas (eponym of Móin Gaí Glais); may be a version of the Cúldub slain by Finn mac Cumaill in other narratives.
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See also: Finn mac CumaillFionn mac Cumhaill / Find úa Báiscni (ass. time-frame: Finn mac Cumaill, Cormac mac Airt, Category:Finn Cycle) – Finn mac Cumaill (earlier mac Umaill?), Find úa Báiscni: central hero in medieval Irish and Scottish literature of the so-called Finn Cycle or Finn Cycle; warrior-hunter and leader of a fían
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