Maxwell H. Close
See also: John J. O'FarrellyÓ Fearghaile (Seaghan S.) (s. xix2 / s. xx1) – No short description available
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Close, Maxwell H., “Irish astronomical tract; introduction, comments and appendices”, unpublished, 1901.  
Dublin, Royal Irish Academy Library, MS 854 3A9.
O'Farrelly, John J., and Maxwell H. Close [comments (1901)], “English translation of the Irish astronomical tract”, unpublished, 1893.  
Typed. Manuscript: Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 3A 9, 854. Includes handwritten comments made in 1901 by Maxwell H. Close.
Close, Maxwell H., “Remarks on a cosmographical tractate in the Irish language”, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 6 (1900–102): 457–464.