Conn Cétchathach

legendary high-king of Ireland; son of Fedlimid Rechtmar

See also: Art mac CuinnArt mac Cuinn
(time-frame ass. with Irish legendary history)
legendary Irish king, father of Cormac mac Airt
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Connlae mac Cuinn ChétchathaigConnlae mac Cuinn Chétchathaig
son of Conn Cétchathach; protagonist of Echtrae Chonnlai
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Eochaid Find Fúath nAirtEochaid Find Fúath nAirt
(supp. fl. c.2nd century)
Eochaid Fúath nAirt
In Irish historical tradition, eponymous ancestor of the Fothairt, a son of Feidlimid Rechtaid and brother of Conn Cétchathach.
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Mug Núadat [alias Éogan Taídlech]Mug Núadat (al. Éogan Taídlech)
Éogan Taídlech, Éogan Fidlech, Mug Núadat
(time-frame ass. with Conn Cétchathach)
legendary king of Munster; father of Ailill Ólomm and grandfather of Éogan Mór; ancestor of the Éoganacht. His main rival in the sources is Conn Cétchathach, with whom he comes to an arrangement: to divide Ireland into a northern half (Leth Cuinn) and a southern half (Leth Moga).
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Sadb ingen ChuinnSadb ingen Chuinn
(time-frame ass. with Conn Cétchathach, Ailill Ólomm, Lugaid Mac Con)
daughter of Conn Cétchathach and wife of Ailill Ólomm, king of Munster.
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