Díl maccu Chrecga
Tréth/Tríath (?, gen. Treth in Scéla Éogain ocus Cormaic) or Díl (Cath Maige Mucrama); father of Moncha, wife of Éogan Mór.
See also: Moncha [daughter of Díl maccu Chrecga]Moncha ... daughter of Díl maccu Chrecga
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GrecraigeCrecraige / Graicraige – A people in Ireland, variously spelled Crecraige, Creccraige, Grecraige, Gregraige, etc. A number of subgroups are distinguished in the sources, notably the Grecraige around Loch Techet (Lough Gara), another group southeast of the river Moy and a more obscurely attested group in Munster.
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