Emanuel (Hywel David)

  • 1921–1970
  • librarians, scholars
  • Carmarthenshire
Welsh scholar of medieval Latin and librarian of the National Library of Wales.
Emanuel, Hywel David, The Latin texts of the Welsh laws, History and Law Series 22, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1967. xiv + 565 pp.
Emanuel, Hywel David, “The Latin texts of the Welsh laws”, Welsh History Review special number on the Welsh laws (1963): 25–32.
Emanuel, Hywel David, “An analysis of the composition of the Vita Cadoci”, National Library of Wales Journal 7 (1951–1952): 217–227.

See also: Aberystwyth, National Library of WalesAberystwyth, National Library of Wales
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CarmarthenshireCarmarthanshire/Sir Gaerfyrddin
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