Thomas Ford (storyteller)
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Dottin, G., and Eugene O'Growney, “Contes irlandais II. La mort des fils d’Usnech”, Revue Celtique 16 (1895): 421–449.  
The article continues a phonological study of the western Irish dialect spoken by one Thomas Ford. The basis for the present study is a modern Irish version of the story of Deirdre, dictated by Thomas Ford in Co. Galway in 1891. The tale is given in an orthographic as well as phonetic transcription (the latter by Eugene O'Growney), followed by a translation into modern French.
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Dottin, G., and Eugene O'Growney, “Études sur la prononciation actuelle d’un dialecte irlandais”, Revue Celtique 14 (1893): 97–136.  
Phonological study of a western Irish dialect as it was spoken by one Thomas Ford (Co. Galway) on 4 July 1891, when he dictated a version of the tale about the death of Cú Chulainn’s only son. The story is here given in the phonetic transcription made by Georges Dottin, with a transliteration into regular spelling by Eugene O'Growney, and finally, a translation into French made by Dottin.
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