Fothad Canann (Canainne)
rival of Finn mac Cumaill; brother to Fothad Airgtech and Fothad Cairptech
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Mills, Kristen, “Death, women, and power: theme and structure in Reicne Fothaid Canainne”, Ériu 68 (2018): 65–98.  
This study is a thematic analysis of two understudied Old Irish texts, a poem entitled Reicne Fothaid Canainne and a short prose narrative, describing the death of Fothad Canainne, a leader of a Connacht fían, who, after being killed in battle by Ailill mac Éogain, his rival in love and war, posthumously recites the Reicne from his grave-mound to Ailill's wife. These texts are the most important extant sources for the figure of Fothad Canainne, and give insight into the early Fenian tradition. A Middle Irish prose narrative that expands on the Old Irish prose text is also briefly considered.