Hibernicus Exul

Anonymous poet who refers to himself as an Irish ‘exile’ (Hibernicus exul) and composed a hexametrical poem on Charlemagne’s victory over Tassilo III, duke of Bavaria, in 787. The extent of his surviving work is unclear and his identity remains uncertain. Attempts have been made to identify him with Dungal of Saint-Denis (e.g. by Traube) or with Dicuil (Esposito).
Cf. DícuilDícuil
(fl. c. 795–825)
Irishman who joined the scholarly community of Charlemagne’s court
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Dúngal of Saint-Denis and PaviaDúngal of Saint-Denis and Pavia
(d. after 827/828)
Irish scholar, teacher and poet known for his career on the continent, who was associated with Saint-Denis, Pavia and Bobbio.
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