John (king of England)
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This chapter discusses the following: continuity of royal policy; advances in north Munster from 1185; the O'Brien–MacCarthy feud; Limerick becomes pan of the Anglo-Norman system; conflict among the O'Connors; William de Burgh in Connacht; John recognizes Cathal Crobderg as tributary king of Connacht, December 1205; John and Ireland, 1204–10; administrative, legal, and fiscal consolidation; issue of charters; rise and fall of John de Courcy; William de Braose and William Marshal; John de Grey succeeds Meiler fitz Henry as justiciar, June 1208; de Braose flees to Ireland; John's preparations for an expedition to Ireland: affairs in Scotland, Wales, and England, 1209; the expedition sails, June 1210; de Braose submits; John's success in Ireland, June–August 1210; a centralized administration; Athlone as the Anglo-Norman gate to the north and west; de Grey's failure to control Ulster; the barons in Ireland support John, October 1212; John agrees with the papacy and defeats the French, May 1213; Geoffrey de Marisco and Henry of London as royal governors; William Marshal: prospects of developing Ireland; Death of John; Magna Carta issued for Ireland, 1216–17; Henry of London, the papacy, and the new English policy for Ireland 1216–17; Honorius III forbids discrimination against Irish clergy, 1220; and the ‘conspiracy of Mellifont’, 1216–31: a conflict of cultures.
(source: Oxford Scholarship Online)
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