Lugaid Mac Con

often simply Mac Con, a legendary high-king of Ireland from a people based in Munster; said to have defeated Éogan Mór and Art mac Cuinn in the battle of Mucrama after a return from exile following the battle of Cenn Abrat.
Cf. Lugaid LuaigneLugaid Luaigne (al. Láigne)
Lugaid Láigne
Legendary high-king of Ireland, who is assigned a reign between Finnat Már and Congal Cláiringnech, his slayer. He appears in regnal lists, Éoganacht genealogies (e.g. LL p. 320) and the onomastic tract Cóir anmann.
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See also: Do DéraDo Déra
(time-frame ass. with Lugaid Mac Con, Art mac Cuinn)
Jester or fool (drúth) belonging to Lugaid Mac Con in the early Irish tale Cath Maige Mucrama, according to which he stood in for him in the battle of Cenn Abrat and was slain in his stead. He is said to have been of the Dáirine.
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Fer Fí mac ÉogabailFer Fí mac Éogabail
In Cath Maige Mucrama, an otherworldly musician of the timpán and instigator of strife between Éogan and Mac Con.
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Lugaid LágaLugaid Lága(e)
Lugaid Lágae
(time-frame ass. with Lugaid Mac Con)
A warrior associated with Lugaid Mac Con, son of Mog Nuadat, progenitor of the Éoganacht.
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Medraige [eponym of Medraige]Medraige ... eponym of Medraige
eponym of Medraige (Maree, Co. Galway) in prose and verse items of dinnshenchas on that place. These brief accounts relate that he was part of Mac Con’s household (muinter) on an expedition from ‘an island to the west of Spain’ to Ireland (i.e. on Mac Con’s return from exile, before the battle of Mag Mucrama); his father is variously named Dorcan Mall and Torcar (or Torchar) and called a son of Tromdae son of Calatrom.
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Sadb ingen ChuinnSadb ingen Chuinn
(time-frame ass. with Conn Cétchathach, Ailill Ólomm, Lugaid Mac Con)
daughter of Conn Cétchathach and wife of Ailill Ólomm, king of Munster.
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