Mac Aodhagáin (Seán)
  • fl. 15th century
  • scribes
Irish scribe responsible for the literary miscellany in RIA D iv 2, ff. 74-89r.
Cf. Seán mac ConchobairSeán mac Conchobair
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See also: Mac Aodhagáin familyMac Aodhagáin family / MacEgans – Mac Aedagáin; MacEgan (anglicized); important learned family of legal historians and scribes based in Connacht and Co. Tipperary.
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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D iv 2 (992) [s. xv]
scribes:Ó hAchoideirn (Eóghan)Anonymous ... scribe in RIA D iv 2Mac Aodhagáin (Seán)