Mac Fhir Bhisigh (Dubhaltach)
  • d. 1671
  • scribes, Irish poets, scholars, authors
Dubhaltach (Óg) Mac Fhir Bhisigh, Irish historian and scribe, member of the learned Mac Fhir Bhisigh family in Connacht
See also: Dubhaltach Mór Mac Fhir BhisighMac Fhir Bhisigh (Dubhaltach Mór) – Irish scholar and scribe of the Mac Fhir Bhisigh learned family
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Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir BhisighMac Fhir Bhisigh (Giolla Íosa) (fl. c. 1390–1418) – No short description available
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Mac Fhir Bhisigh familyMac Fhir Bhisigh family – Mac Fhirbhisigh (Mac Firbisigh, angl. Firbis), an important learned family of historians and scribes based in Co. Sligo
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James WareWare (James) (d. 1666) – (Sir) James Ware, Irish scholar, historian and antiquarian
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scribes:Mac Fhir Bhisigh (Dubhaltach)
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additional hands:Mac Fhir Bhisigh (Dubhaltach)Lhuyd (Edward)