Mac Gabhráin (Seán)
  • fl. early 18th c.
  • scribes
Irish scribe.
See also: Brian mac Conchubhair Mág UidhirMág Uidhir (Brian mac Conchubhair) (fl. 1660–1726) – No short description available
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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1297 (H 2. 6) = Leabhar Bhriain Mhe Guidhir [c. 1716]
scribes:Mac Gabhráin (Seán)patron:Mág Uidhir (Brian mac Conchubhair)
Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, MS Borg. irl. 1 [1718]
scribes:Mac Gabhráin (Seán)