Mugrón (one or multiple unidentified authors)
The name Mugrón occurs in a number of textual attributions where the identity of the intended author cannot be ascertained. The references may be to Mugrón, abbot of Iona, to Mugrón of Tuam, or someone else entirely.
Cf. Mugrón [abbot of Iona]Mugrón ... abbot of Iona (d. c.981) – abbot of Iona and supposed author of a number of vernacular Irish poems. His obit in AFM remembers him as ‘scribe/writer and bishop, sage of the three divisions’ (scribhnidh ⁊ epscop, saoi na t-Tri Rand).
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Mugrón Tuama dá GualannÚa Níoc (Mugrón) (d. 1032 (AFM)) – Mugrón úa Níoc, abbot of Tuam; presumably the Mugrón ‘of Tuam’ (Tuaim dá Gualann) to whom a poem is attributed in the Book of Lecan version of Sex aetates mundi.
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