Muirne Muncháem
mother of Finn mac Cumaill; daughter of Tadg mac Núadat.
See also: Finn mac CumaillFionn mac Cumhaill / Find úa Báiscni (ass. time-frame: Finn mac Cumaill, Cormac mac Airt, Category:Finn Cycle) – Finn mac Cumaill (earlier mac Umaill?), Find úa Báiscni: central hero in medieval Irish and Scottish literature of the so-called Finn Cycle or Finn Cycle; warrior-hunter and leader of a fían
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Cumall mac TrénmóirCumall mac Trénmóir (ass. time-frame: Finn mac Cumaill) – father of Finn mac Cumaill; a fían-leader who fell in the battle of Cnucha.
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Tadg mac NúadatTadg mac Núadat
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