O'Connor (Maurice) (lawyer)

  • fl. 18th century
  • patrons of manuscript production
Irish nobleman, head of Ó Conchobhair Fáilge, known as a barrister in London, a convert to Protestantism and a patron of Irish manuscripts. He was associated with Dermod O'Connor and Charles O'Conor of Belanagare.

See also: Dermod O'ConnorÓ Conchubhair (Diarmuid) (?–1732) – No short description available
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Charles O'Conor [of Ballinagare]O'Conor (Charles) ... of Belanagare (1710–1791) – Charles O'Conor, of Belanagare (Co. Roscommon), Irish scholar
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Ó Conchobhair FáilgeÓ Conchobhair Fáilge
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