O'Flaherty (Roderic)

  • 1627/30–1716/18
  • manuscript collectors and owners, authors, scholars
Roderic(k) O'Flaherty / Ruaidhrí (Óg) Ó Flaithbheartaigh, Irish nobleman, historian and collector of manuscripts; author of Ogygia seu rerum Hibernicarum chronologia (1685).
scribes:Anonymous ... scribe of Armagh, Robinson Library, MS AO'Flaherty (Roderic)
scribes:O'Flaherty (Roderic)
O'Flaherty, Roderic, Ogygia, or, a chronicle account of Irish events by Roderic O’Flaherty, tr. James Hely, 2 vols, Dublin, 1793.
O'Flaherty, Roderic, Ogygia, seu, rerum Hibernicarum chronologia, London, 1685.

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(d. 1709)
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