Oswald (king of Northumbria)
  • d. 642
  • feast-day: 5 August
  • saints
  • Deira, Bernicia, Northumbria, Ireland
son of Æthelfrith (king of Bernicia and later, Northumbria), was king of the Northumbrian kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira, following a period of exile among the Irish. He was killed in battle against an alliance between Penda, king of Mercia, and the Britons. Oswald later became the focus of a royal cult.
See also: ÆthelfrithÆthelfrith / Æthelfrith ... king of Bernicia / Æthelfrith ... king of Northumbria (d. c.616) – succeeded his father Æthelric as king of Bernicia in 592 and became king of Northumbria (both Bernicia and Deira) in 604; married to Bebba and later to the Deiran princess Acha.
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