Rhys (John David)

  • 1534–1609?
Welsh physician, scholar and grammarian
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Welsh biography online, Online: National Library of Wales. URL: <>.
Parry (Thomas), ‘RHYS, JOHN DAVID (or ‘Siôn Dafydd Rhys’, and in his own day ‘John Davies’ only; 1534 - 1609?), physician and grammarian’ direct link
Welsh biography online, Online: National Library of Wales. URL: <>.
Grooms, Chris, The giants of Wales: Cewri Cymru, Welsh Studies 10, Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 1993.  
A collection and discussion of the literary, place-name and archaeological materials concerning giants in Wales and the Marches, the text includes three basic registers: 1) tales and materials about place-names containing Welsh cawr or cewri, or English giant; 2) tales and materials for place-names with associated giant traditions; 3) tales and material associated with personal names of giants. The preface includes a discussion of the linguistic, inscriptional and literary materials of Gaulish cavar and a description of the Welsh materials. There is also a new text and translation of Sion Dafydd Rhys's 34 folio chapter on giants from his 16th-century prose defence of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia. National Grid and Cantref/Shire cross-indexes to all primary and secondary place-names in the study have been provided, and a Stith Thompson motif-index for Welsh giants. There is also an additional appendix to the Gaulish materials, and a full list of abbreviations, bibliography, and index.
Rhys, John David [Rhys (Rhaesus), Jo. David], Cambrobrytannicae Cymraecaeve Lingvae Institvtiones et Rvdimenta accuraté, & (quantum fieri potuit) succincte & compendiose conscripta a Joanne Dauide Rhaeso Monensi Lanuaethlaeo Cambrobrytanno, medico Senensi etc., Londini: excudebat Thomas Orwinus, 1592.