See also: Furbaide Fer BendFurbaide Fer Bend (ass. time-frame: Ulster Cycle) – Son of Conchobar mac Nessa (king of the Ulaid) in the Ulster Cycle of tales
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Laidcenn mac ErcaidLaidcenn mac Ercaid (supp. fl. ?) – Apparently a legendary scholar of the Ulaid, who is known from a single passage in the legal tract Bretha Déin Chécht (CIH 2311), where a statement in the form of a rosc is attributed to him.
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Woolf, Alex, “Columbanus’s Ulster education”, in: O'Hara, Alexander (ed.), Columbanus and the peoples of post-Roman Europe, Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. 91–99.  
This chapter looks at the context for Columbanus’s time at Bangor and in particular the possible influence on him of the British bishop Uinniau and his own abbot, Comgall. Uinniau’s network linked him with both the British Church of Gildas and the emerging Uí Néill dynasties, while Comgall was a member of the Cruithnian people of Antrim. By the time Columbanus came within their orbit, both men were located in the core territory of the kingdom of the Ulaid, in modern County Down. The chapter argues that the specifics of the location and personalities involved proved to be defining influences on Columbanus’s development.
Dobbs, Margaret E., “The Dál Fiatach”, Ulster Journal of Archaeology 8 (1945): 66–79.