Watkins (Calvert)

  • 1933–2013
  • scholars
American linguist, professor of Linguistics and the Classics at Harvard University.
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Journal volume:  : <link>
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As honouree

Roma, Elisa, and David Stifter [eds], Linguistic and philological studies in Early Irish, Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2014.  
This is a multi-authored volume which gathers essays devoted to Early Irish originally presented at the XIV International Congress of Celtic Studies, held in Maynooth, August 1-5, 2011. The topics covered, either from a synchronic or a diachronic perspective, range from phonetics and phonology to morphology and syntax with some semantics.
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Jasanoff, Jay H., H. Craig Melchert, and Lisi Oliver (eds.), Mír curad: studies in honor of Calvert Watkins, Innsbruck: Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, University of Innsbruck, 1998.


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