Watkins (T. Arwyn)

  • d. 2003
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Journal volume:  – Études Celtiques, vol. 13, fascicule 1, 1972: <link> – Études Celtiques, vol. 13, fascicule 2, 1973: <link>
Watkins, Arwyn, “The accent in Cwm Tawe Welsh”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 24 (1954): 6–9.

As honouree

Ball, Martin J., James Fife, Erich Poppe, and Jenny Rowland (eds.), Celtic linguistics / Ieithyddiaeth Geltaidd: readings in the Brythonic languages. Festschrift for T. Arwyn Watkins, Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science 4.68, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1990.  
comments: The volume is divided into four sections:
  1. Studies in Welsh linguistics (with contributions by Evans, Awbery, Thomas, Thomas, Jones, Fife, Borsley and Ball)
  2. Studies in Breton and Cornish linguistics (Humphreys, Stevens, Hewitt, Timm, Hennessey, George and Williams)
  3. Studies in literary linguistics (Sims-Williams, Haycock, Rowland, Tristram and Caerwyn Williams)
  4. Studies in historical linguistics (Zimmer, Harvey, Mac Cana, Meid, Hamp and Poppe).