Worp (Klaas A.)

  • s. xx / s. xxi
Worp, Klaas A., “Van Tolsum naar Oxford en vice versa: kort verslag van de aanleiding van het nieuwe onderzoek van de Tabula Tolsummiana”, It Beaken 71 (2009): 199–210.
Bowman, Alan K., R. S. O. Tomlin, and Klaas A. Worp, “Emptio bovis Frisica: the ‘Frisian ox sale’ reconsidered”, The Journal of Roman Studies 99 (2009): 156–170.  
Offers a new tentative transcription, interpretation and discussion of the Roman stylus tablet discovered in 1914 near Groot Tolsum (Frisia) and here dated to AD 29. Celtic/Gaulish origin or provenance is suggested for Carus, apparently the name of Iulia Secunda's slave (noting that “there are also compounds such as Andecarus”, p. 162) and Caturix (whose reading is said to be “secure”, p. 165), the name of one of the witnesses on the reverse side and a slave of the same person. Celtic analogies are considered for giricaemium (reading not secure) and Bonumutus.


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