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Irish poet and scholar, identified by Rudolf Thurneysen as the poet Eochaid úa Flainn, to whom several poems (most of them in the Lebor gabála) are attributed.
  • Munster, Cliu
king of Cliu in Munster, according to Táin bó Dartada and related texts.
son of Cairpre Lifechair; father of the three Collas

Eochu Feidlech See: Eochaid Feidlech

  • supp. fl. 5th/6th c.
son of Coirpre mac Néill
son of Énna Cennselach; said to have slain Níall Noígíallach

Eochu mac Luchtai See: Eochaid mac Luchta

Eochu Mugmedón See: Eochaid Mugmedón