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Warelwast (Robert de) See: Robert Warelwast

  • d. 1155
  • Exeter, Exeter Cathedral
Bishop of Exeter (elected in 1137, consecrated in 1138), a nephew of his predecessor William (de) Warelwast and previously archdeacon of Exeter; educated at Laon.

Warelwast (William de) See: William Warelwast

  • d. 1137
  • Exeter, Exeter Cathedral, Ver-à-Val
Norman bishop of Exeter and clerk and diplomat in the service of King William II and later Henry I. His name Warelwast derives from Ver-à-Val, Normandy, but little is known of his early, continental career.
  • d. c.1006?
  • Ivrea cathedral
Bishop of Ivrea, probably consecrated in 966 and known for his conflicts with Arduin, margrave of Ivrea. He is associated with the production of several manuscripts, including an illuminated psalter (Ivrea, Biblioteca capitolare, MS 85) and sacramentary (MS 86).
  • 1926–2004
Scottish historian.
  • c.1545–1622?
  • Trefriw
Welsh priest, physician, scribe and scholar.
Welsh scholar, lexicographer and grammarian; Fellow of the Eisteddfod.
  • 1787–1847
Welsh educator, poet and author, son of Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg).

Wohednovius See: Goueznou

Wynn (Elis) See: Ellis Wynne

  • 1671–1734
Welsh clergyman and author of Gweledigaetheu y bardd cwsc ‘Visions of the sleeping bard’ (London, 1703).