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  • c.340s–420 (Prosper)
Church father, born in Dalmatia, and biblical scholar who translated the greater part of the Bible into Latin and whose labours led to the Vulgate version.
  • fl. c.5 BC–30/33 AD
Galileian Jewish religious leader whom Christians believe to be the incarnation of God on earth, the Saviour of mankind and Messiah (the Christ) through His death and resurrection.

Jesus Christ See: Jesus

  • fl. 1175–1214
  • Furness
hagiographer of the Cistercian abbey of Furness; author of Lives of St Patrick and St Kentigern
  • d. in/after 1198
  • Oxford University, University of Paris
Theologian and author.
  • fl 9th century
  • Laon
Irish scholar and theologian who had been active as a teacher at the palace school of Charles the Bald.
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