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Magauran (John) See: Seán Mac Gabhráin

  • fl. 1596–1644
Conall Mageoghegan (Mac Eochagáin), Irish scholar and historian known for producing the Annals of Clonmacnoise, an English translation of Irish annals.

Mageoghegans See: Mac Eochagáin family

  • fl. c.1349–d. 1405
Irish chronicler and canon regular at the Augustinian priory of All Saints on Oileán na Naomh (Saints Island) in Lough Ree (Co. Longford).
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • Luimnech ... Limerick, Brug Ríg ... Bruree
patron saint of Luimnech (Limerick) and Brug Ríg (Bruree)
An alleged son of Níall Noígíallach, legendary ancestor of the Cenél Maini who ruled over (southern) Tethbae.
In the Ulster Cycle, the seven Maines (na secht Maine) are a collective designation for the seven, or eight, sons of Medb and Ailill, all of whom are named Maine: Maine Máithremail and Maine Aithremail, Maine Míngor and Maine Mórgor, Maine Andóe, Maine Milscothach and/or Maine Mó Epert, and Maine Conda(s)gaib/Cotagaib Uile.
Máel Máedoc Ua Morgair, archbishop of Armagh