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Fothad Canainne See: Fothad Canann

rival of Finn mac Cumaill; brother to Fothad Airgtech and Fothad Cairptech

Fothad na Canóine See: Fothud na Canóine

  • d. 819
  • Othain
early Irish poet who was attached to the church of Othain (now Fahan, Inishowen barony, Co. Donegal)
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druid/magician (drái) to Díarmait mac Cerbaill in Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill, according to which he conjured up a magical hedge (airbre druad) between two opposing armies.
Fráech mac Fidaig or Fráech mac Idaith; eponymous hero of Táin bó Fraích
name for three table-servants belonging to Medb

Fráech mac Fidaig See: Fráech

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  • d. 1945
  • s. xx / s. xxi

Fróech See: Fráech