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  • 1883–1973

Schoepperle Loomis (Gertrude) See: Gertrude Schoepperle

  • 1882–1963
German church historian and politician.

Ségéne mac Fíachnaí See: Ségéne mac Fiachna

Ségéne of Iona See: Ségéne mac Fiachna

  • late 4th century / early 5th century
  • Italy
Maurus Servius Honoratus, late antique grammarian known for his commentaries on the works of Vergil and a number of other works, such as notes on Donatus’ Ars grammatica.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1641–1722
Scottish physician, geographer and antiquary.
  • 1924–2015
French priest and monk of Landévennec.

Simpson (Helen) See: Helen McKee

Simpson McKee (Helen) See: Helen McKee

  • fl. late 15th/16th c.
  • Flintshire, Treffynnon
Welsh poet.

Siôn ap Hywel ap Llywelyn Fychan See: Siôn ap Hywel

Sirinus (Thomas) See: Thomas O'Sheerin