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hermit; brother of Gúaire Aidne, king of Connacht
king of the Uí Maine; husband of Créd ingen Gúaire in Scéla Cano meic Gartnáin

Marcellus ... Moengal See: Moengal [Marcellus]

Marcellus Empiricus See: Marcellus of Bordeaux

  • fl. c. 408
  • Bordeaux
An official under Emperor Theodosius and a medical author who was active in the region of Bordeaux. His treatise De medicamentis (liber) (c. 408), which prescribes drugs and treatments for a variety of ailments, contains two incantations that are usually thought to be Gaulish in origin.

Marianus of Ratisbon See: Marianus Scottus of Regensburg

  • d. 1080 x 1083
  • Regensburg
Irish scribe, who founded the Irish monastic community at Regensburg (Ratisbon) in Bavaria, the first of the Schottenklöster to be founded in southern Germany.
  • fl. late 12th century
Medieval poet from France, who was active at the court of King Henry II; author of twelve Lais, an Isopet (collection of fables), and the Espurgatoire seint Partiz
  • fl. 1st/2nd c. AD
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1638–1713
English churchman in the Church of Ireland, who served as bishop of Ferns and Leighlin (1683–1689), archbishop of Cashel (1691–1694), archbishop of Dublin (1694–1703) and finally as archbishop of Armagh (1703–1713). He founded Marsh's Library in Dublin.

Martianus Hiberniensis See: Martin of Laon

  • 819–875
Irish scholar and teacher at the cathedral school at Laon.
  • fl. 4th century
bishop of Tours and saint. His vita and related writings by Martin’s younger contemporary Sulpicius Severus were highly influential in early medieval Europe, furnishing models for hagiographic writing about many other saints.

Martin Scottus See: Martin of Laon

  • s. i BC / s. i