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Fañch an Uhel See: François-Marie Luzel

  • supp. fl. 6th century
  • Alt Fharannáin
Irish saint associated with Alt Fharannáin (now Alternan, Co. Sligo). In his Irish Life, he is represented as a contemporary of Colum Cille.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
Fourth abbot of Iona, in succession to Laisrén.
or Fíachu Suidge, son of Feidlimid Rechtaid (Rechtmar), legendary king of Tara

Fillan of Strathfillan See: Fáelán of Strathfillan

Findchú mac Finnloga See: Finnchú of Brigown

Findchú of Brigown See: Finnchú of Brigown

  • Emain Macha
In Irish legendary history, three triplet sons of Eochu Feidlech, who  slept with their sister Clothru on the night before the battle of Druim Criaich.

Findemna See: The three Findemna

Irish dynasty and kingdom (also Caílle) that ultimately gave its name to the Anglo-Norman cantred of Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Gerald fitz James FitzGerald, 15th (or 14th) earl of Desmond, son of the previous earl James fitz John FitzGerald.
16th (or 15th earl) of Desmond, only son and successor of the previous earl Gerald and Eleanor Butler.