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Mo Écca of Fore See: Féchín of Fore

Mo Fhéccu of Fore See: Féchín of Fore

Irish saint, patron saint of Cell Dumai Glinn (Kilglinn, Co. Meath)
  • Tulach Mín Mo Laga
Patron saint of Tulach Mín Mo Laga (Labbamolaga, Templemolaga, Co. Cork).

Mo Laga of Tulach Mín Mo Laga See: Mo Laga of Templemolaga

  • Cell Mo Laise
patron saint of Cell Mo Laise (Kilmolash, par. Inishlounaght, bar. Iffa and Offa East, Co. Tipperary)
Mo Laisse mac Nad Froích
  • d. 697
  • Ferna, Tech Mo Ling
Irish saint, abbot and patron saint of Tech Mo Ling (St Mullins, Co. Carlow) and reputed ‘bishop’ of Ferna (Ferns).

Mo Ling of Ferns See: Mo Ling

  • Clúain Fertae Mo Lua, Druim Snechta
Patron saint of Clúain Fertae Mo Lua (Clonfertmulloe) and Druim Snechta (Drumsnat, Co. Monaghan).
  • first half of the sixth century (d. 517, s.a. AU)
  • Cell Shléibe ... Killevy, Co. Armagh
founder and patron saint of Cell Shléibe (Killevy, Co. Armagh); daughter of Mochta, a nobleman of the Conailli Muirthemne.
patron of Inishloe (Inis Luaidhe, Co. Clare), mentioned in the Life of St Senán of Inis Cathaig
Female Irish saint for the abbey church of Burton (upon Trent), whose life was written by Geoffrey of Burton in the first half of the 12th century. She appears to have been based on the Moninne whose life was written by Conchubranus, who in turn was based on Moninne (Mo Ninne, Darerca) of Killevy.