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Mac Cécht of Domnach Arnoin, said to be one of Patrick’s smiths.

Mac Cécht mac Snáidi Teichid See: Mac Cécht [champion of Conaire Mór]

Mac Colgáin (Seán) See: John Colgan

Mac Con See: Lugaid Mac Con

  • fl. mid–14th century
Irish historian, member of the Meic Craith (Magraths) who appear as a hereditary family of bardic poets. He is reputed to have written the Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh.

Mac Creiche See: Mac Reithe of Kilmacrehy

Irish poet
(in English: Hugh MacCurtin) Irish poet and teacher

Mac Cuilinn mac Cathmoga See: Mac Cuilinn of Lusk

  • Lusca ... Lusk, Co Dublin
Mac Cuilinn mac Cathmoga, patron saint of Lusca (Lusk, Co. Dublin)

Mac Dá Cherda See: Comgán Mac Dá Cherda