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  • fl. 2nd half of the 9th century
  • St. Gall monastery
Irish abbot of Sankt Gallen; teacher; nephew of the Irish bishop Marcus

Moirríoghan See: The Morrígan

  • 1830–1911
  • County Carlow
Irish clergyman, cardinal (since 1885), and scholar.

Morgan (Ray) See: Ray Looker

  • 1693 (Quimper)–1750
Dom Pierre-Hyacinthe Morice de Beaubois, or in short Dom Morice, was a Benedictine historian and a member of the Maurists.

Mórrígan See: The Morrígan

Morrígu See: The Morrígan

  • 1833–1907
  • Carmarthen
Welsh poet who wrote in English, great-grandson of his better known namesake.
Historian and archivist.
  • supp. fl. 5th century
In Irish genealogical tradition, a son of Éogan mac Níall Noígíallaig and ancestor of one branch within the Cenél nÉogain of the northern Uí Néill.