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son of Jacob and Rachel
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1827–1914
Irish historian, toponymist, writer and collector of music and oral traditions.
  • c.1868–1940
Also known as Rosaleen James, Nora O'Mara, Roisin O'Mara, Róisín Ni Mhéara and Róisín Ni Mhéara-Vinard.
  • 1912–2002
Welsh librarian and scholar.

Jerome of Stridon See: Jerome

John Fordun See: John of Fordun

  • d. in or after 1363
Scottish historian and author of what is known as the Chronica gentis Scotorum, which was incorporated into Walter Bower’s Polychronicon. The Gesta annalia were also formerly attributed to him, but are now known as two works, Gesta annalia I and its continuation, Gesta annalia II, that are not connected to Fordun. Little is known of his life.
  • 1700?–1782
  • Llangwm ... Denbighshire
Welsh poet, balladist and publisher.