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ancestor of the Scythians, according to LGÉ A
father of Fénius Farsaid and brother of Ibath, according to LGÉ M
name of a war-goddess, often in the appearance of an ominous crow (badb)
king of Ulster from the Dál Fiatach, son of Cairell mac Muiredaig.
Second abbot of Iona, in succession to Colum Cille.
  • fl. 9th c.
  • Salzburg
Teacher in the cathedral school of Salzburg, who has been identified as the patron who commissioned a copy of Adomnán’s De locis sanctis (Vienna MS 458) and the addressee of a poem, perhaps by Dúngal, beg. Baldo, Dei famule.
  • 1495–1563
English protestant churchman; bishop of Ossory (1552/3); antiquarian and collector of manuscripts; author of a number of polemical plays, such as Kynge Johan, and an autobiographical work called The Vocacyon of Johan Bale.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1900–1963
Indo-European linguist and philologist.
The following references to Banbán may refer to the same individual: (1) one mentioned in the annals as sapiens (AU s.a. 686), fer léigind at Kildare (AT; cf. Fragmentary annals), (2) Banbán mentioned in association with the promulgation of Cáin Fhuithirbe and (3) Banbannus mentioned as an authority in the so-called Reichenau commentary on the Catholic Epistles. A further case has been made for the saint of the same name commemorated in the Félire Óengusso and elsewhere.
  • Ráith Becc ... (Mag Line)
layman in the tale of Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill, in which he invites Díarmait, king of Tara, to his house at Ráith Becc, where the king meets his end.
abbot of Clóenad (Clane, Co. Kildare)
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • s. xx / s. xxi