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third abbot of Tallaght (d. 812)
Middle Irish poet
Eochaid Airem (‘Ploughman’), legendary high-king of Ireland, known from the tale of Tochmarc Étaíne.
eponymous ancestor figure for the Uí Echach Coba; given as a son of Cronn ba Druí mac Fíachach Findamnais.
in Irish legendary history, high-king of Ireland, descendant of Labraid Lorc and father of multiple daughters and sons, including Medb ruler of Connacht, Clothru and the triplets known as the three Findemna.
king of Leinster in the Acallam na senórach
  • Munster, Tuadmumu
legendary king of Munster or in Munster, especially as king of North Munster while Cú Roí is king of South Munster.
  • supp. fl. late 4th century
legendary Irish king; important ancestor figure in Irish tradition as the father of Níall Noígíallach (a quo the Uí Néill), and of Ailill, Brión/Brían and Fíachra.

Eochaid Ollathair See: The Dagda

Irish poet and scholar, identified by Rudolf Thurneysen as the poet Eochaid úa Flainn, to whom several poems (most of them in the Lebor gabála) are attributed.