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Muirchertach ... Mac Líacc See: Mac Líacc [Muirchertach]

Muirchertach mac Erca See: Muirchertach mac Muiredaig

Author of a Life of St Patrick
king of Connacht in Acallam na senórach

Muiredach mac Robartaig See: Marianus Scottus of Regensburg

founder of the Síl Muiredaig
  • fl. 9th century
  • Metz, Saint-Germain d'Auxerre
also known from Latin sources as Murethach or Muridac; Irish grammarian and author of a commentary on Donatus’s Ars maior.
king of Tara from the Dál Cuinn; son of Fíachu Sraibtine.
Irish poet; son of Senchán Torpéist; sent by his father to seek knowledge of the Tain
mother of Finn mac Cumaill; daughter of Tadg mac Núadat.
  • supp. fl. 5th century
In Irish genealogical tradition, a son of Éogan mac Níall Noígíallaig and ancestor of one branch within the Cenél nÉogain of the northern Uí Néill.