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Works authored

Butler, Richard, The Annals of Ireland by Friar John Clyn and Thady Dowling: together with the Annals of Ross, Dublin: Irish Archaeological Society, 1849.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link> Internet Archive: <link>, <link> Internet Archive – originally from Google: <link> CELT – Annals of Thady Dowling (incl. introduction): <link>
Butler, Richard, Registrum prioratus Omnium Sanctorum juxta Dublin, Dublin: Irish Archaeological Society, 1845.
Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link>
Butler, Richard, Jacobi Grace, Kilkenniensis, Annales Hiberniae, Dublin: Irish Archaeological Society, 1842.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link> CELT – Edition: <link> CELT – English translation: <link>

Contributions to journals

Butler, Richard, “De concilio Hibernie per magnates totius illius Insule”, The Miscellany of the Irish Archaeological Society 1 (1846): 15–33.
Journal volume:  Internet Archive: <link>, <link>, <link>, <link>