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Davies, Sioned, and Peter Wynn Thomas (eds.), Canhwyll Marchogyon: Cyd-Destunoli Peredur, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2000.

Contributions to journals

Davies, Sioned, “Performing Culhwch ac Olwen”, Arthurian Literature 21 (2004): 29–52.
Davies, Sioned, “A charming Guest: translating the Mabinogion”, Studia Celtica 38 (2004): 157–178.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Davies, Sioned, “Performing from the pulpit: an introduction to preaching in nineteenth-century Wales”, in: Nagy, Joseph Falaky [ed.], Identifying the 'Celtic', CSANA Yearbook 2, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2002. 115–140.
Davies, Sioned, “Written text as performance: the implications for Middle Welsh prose narratives”, in: Pryce, Huw [ed.], Literacy in medieval Celtic societies, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature 33, Cambridge, New York, Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1998. 133–148.
Davies, Sioned, “Mythology and the oral tradition: Wales”, in: Green, Miranda J. [ed.], The Celtic world, London, New York: Routledge, 1995. 785–791.