b. 1810–d. 1886

6 publications between 1867 and 1986 indexed
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Works authored

Ferguson, Samuel, Ogham inscriptions in Ireland, Wales and Scotland, Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1887.
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Contributions to journals

Ferguson, Samuel, “The Twins of Macha”, Emania 1 (1986): 28.
Ferguson, Samuel [ed. and tr.], “On the legend of Dathi”, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 2nd series, 2 (1879–1888): 167–181.
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Ferguson, Samuel, and John G. A. Prim [introd.], “The Ogham monuments of Kilkenny”, The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland, 4th series, 2:1 — 1872 (1874): 222–238.
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Ferguson, Samuel, “On the rudiments of the common law discoverable in the published portion of the Senchus Mor: read February 11, 1867”, Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy 24:2 (1867): 83–117.
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Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Samuel Ferguson, “Preface”, in: Joseph Ó Longáin • J. J. Gilbert • Eugene O'Curry • Brian O'Looney, Leabhar Breac, the Speckled Book, otherwise styled Leabhar Mór Dúna Doighre, the Great Book of Dun Doighre (1872–1876).