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Frendo, David, “Anonymus Graecosiculus: a twelfth-century Greek poet”, Peritia 24–25 (2013-2014): 181–196.
The editio princeps (with English translation and commentary) of the work of an anonymous Sicilian Greek poet, written in 4,043 Byzantine twelve syllable verses and based on a hitherto unpublished codex unicus in the Biblioteca Nacional of Madrid was published in Malta in 2010. This work has received insufficient critical attention to date. Yet, in terms of its subject matter and cultural and historical context, it contains much valuable material that should be of interest to both eastern and western medievalists.
Frendo, David, “Byzantine continuity”, Peritia 4 (1985): 383–385.
Frendo, David, “Sebeos and the Armenian historiographical tradition in the context of Byzantine-Iranian relations”, Peritia 4 (1985): 1–20.