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Works authored

MacCotter, Paul, Medieval Ireland: territorial, political and economic divisions, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2008.
MacCotter, Paul, Colmán of Cloyne: a study, Cork Studies in Irish History 4, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2004.
MacCotter, Paul, and K. W. Nicholls, The Pipe Roll of Cloyne: Rotulus Pipae Clonensis, Cloyne: Tower Books, 1996.
Edition of and commentary on the pipe roll of Cloyne
The pipe roll of Cloyne contains a collection of muniments relating to the see of Cloyne. It was originally composed c.1364 and contains material spanning the period c.1216 to 1489. This edition reproduces with some emendments the earliest published version - the original was destroyed - and adds an English translation. The second half of the book consists of extensive annotated references which, as well as dealing with all technical or subject issues raised, fully treats of all families ocurring in the source. As many of these were major families with lands elsewhere in Ireland this study represents a major source for the families of the Anglo-Norman period in Ireland.

Works edited

Purcell, Emer, Paul MacCotter, Julianne Nyhan, and John Sheehan (eds), Clerics, kings and vikings: essays on medieval Ireland in honour of Donnchadh Ó Corráin, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2015.
This volume contains contributions from leading scholars working at the forefront of Irish medieval studies. It includes essays on archaeology, ecclesiology, hagiography, medieval history, genealogy, language, literature and toponymy. Subjects explored include: Latin and learning in early medieval Ireland; the historical context of early medieval literature; Viking armies and the importance of the Hiberno-Norse naval fleets; Ireland and its connections with the Scandinavian world; recent studies of wooden and Romanesque churches in pre-Norman Ireland; the coming of the Anglo-Normans; hitherto unpublished Anglo Norman charters; the origin and function of medieval rural deaneries; secular and ecclesiastical histories of later medieval Kilkenny; and the ‘named son’ in 16th-century Ireland.
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Contributions to journals

MacCotter, Paul, “Diocese of Achonry: church, land, and history”, Peritia 24–25 (2013-2014): 241–265.
A study of the churches and lands of the diocese of Achonry in the pre-Invasion period and a reconstruction of its land-holding as far as possible. This is the fourth in a series of papers on medieval diocesan ecclesiastical lands. The methodology involves the reconstruction of the temporal possessions by using sources from (or as near as possible to) the Anglo-Norman period. The earliest extant such source for Achonry dates to the later sixteenth century. The church estates are then surveyed historically. In most cases, the churches and their estates are shown to be Early Christian in origin.
MacCotter, Paul, “Túath, manor and parish: kingdom of Fir Maige, cantred of Fermoy”, Peritia 22–23 (2011-2012, 2013): 224–274.
MacCotter, Paul, “Drong and dál as synonyms for óenach”, Peritia 22–23 (2011-2012, 2013): 275–280.
MacCotter, Paul, “Functions of the cantred in medieval Ireland”, Peritia 19 (2005): 308–332.
MacCotter, Paul, “The see-lands of the diocese of Ardfert: an essay in reconstruction”, Peritia 14 (2000): 161–204.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

MacCotter, Paul, “Dál Cais after Clontarf”, in: Duffy, Seán (ed.), Medieval Dublin XVI: proceedings of Clontarf 1014–2014: national conference marking the millennium of the Battle of Clontarf, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2017. 210–217.
MacCotter, Paul, “The church lands of the diocese of Dublin: reconstruction and history”, in: Duffy, Seán [ed.], Medieval Dublin XIII: proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium, 2011, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2013. 81–107.