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Contributions to journals

Manning, Conleth, “An early reference to St Olave’s Church, Dublin”, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 139 (2009): 117–120.
Manning, Conleth, “Brian Lacey: an appreciation”, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 139 (2009): 8.
Manning, Conleth, “A pre-Romanesque church at Slane”, Peritia 20 (2008): 346–352.
Manning, Conleth, “A former sod or turf maze at Ballynavortha, Co. Wicklow”, Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland 134 (2004): 166–168.
Manning, Conleth, “Note: Daire Mór and Longford Pass”, Peritia 12 (1998): 270.
Manning, Conleth, and Fionnbarr Moore, “A second ogham stone at Clara”, Peritia 11 (1997): 370–372.
Manning, Conleth, “Daire Mór identified”, Peritia 11 (1997): 270.
Manning, Conleth, “A note on sacred trees”, Emania: Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 5 (Autumn, 1988): 34–35.
Manning, Conleth, “St Buite, Mellifont and Toberboice”, Peritia 3 (1984): 324–325.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Manning, Conleth, “A suggested typology for pre-Romanesque stone churches in Ireland”, in: Edwards, Nancy (ed.), The archaeology of the early medieval Celtic churches: proceedings of a conference on the archaeology of the early medieval Celtic churches, September 2004, The Society for Medieval Archaeology Monographs 29, Leeds, London: Maney Publishing; Routledge, 2009. 265–280.
Manning, Conleth, “The adaptation of early masonry churches in Ireland for use in later medieval times”, in: Meek, Marion (ed.), The modern traveller to our past: Festschrift in honour of Ann Hamlin, DPK, 2006. 243–248.
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