E. C. (Edmund Crosby)
b. 1875–d. 1920

16 publications between 1906 and 1937 indexed
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Works authored

Quiggin, E. C., Poems from the Book of the Dean of Lismore, ed. John Fraser, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1937.
Celtic Digital Initiative – p. 11 (The signs of Judgment): <link>
Quiggin, E. C., Prolegomena to the study of the later Irish bards, 1200–1500, Proceedings of the British Academy 5, Oxford: British Academy, 1911.
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Quiggin, E. C., A dialect of Donegal, being the speech of Meenawannia in the parish of Glenties: phonology and texts, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1906.
Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link>

Contributions to journals

Quiggin, E. C., “An Old Welsh gloss”, Revue Celtique 38 (1920–1921): 15–16.
Quiggin, E. C., “Armon Armenia”, Revue Celtique 38 (1920–1921): 16–17.
Quiggin, E. C., “Initial g in Welsh”, Revue Celtique 38 (1920–1921): 17–18.
Quiggin, E. C., “Some Celtic river names”, Transactions of the Philological Society 27 (1911–6, 1916): 99–100.
Quiggin, E. C., “A case of vowel-breaking in Irish”, Revue Celtique 34 (1913): 61–64.
Quiggin, E. C., “Two glosses in Valenciennes MS. 413”, Revue Celtique 33 (1912): 100.
Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link>
Quiggin, E. C., “An Caoch O Clumhain”, Revue Celtique 33 (1912): 462, 516 (erratum).
Internet Archive: <link>, <link> Internet Archive – erratum: <link>
Quiggin, E. C., “A fragment of an Old Welsh computus”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 8 (1912): 407–410.
Internet Archive: <link>
Quiggin, E. C., “A book of the O'Reillys”, Ériu 6 (1912): 125–129.
Quiggin, E. C., “Prolegomena to the study of the later Irish bards, 1200–1500”, Proceedings of the British Academy 5 (1911–1912): 89–143.
Internet Archive – 1911 offprints (numbered pp. 1-55):: <link>, <link>, <link> Internet Archive – 1911 offprint (numbered pp. 1-55); Angus Matheson copy: <link>
Quiggin, E. C., “A case of stress-shifting in the dialect of Tréguier”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 7 (1910): 354–356.
Internet Archive: <link>
Quiggin, E. C., “The s-preterite in Middle Irish”, Ériu 4 (1908–1910): 191–207.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Quiggin, E. C., “A poem by Gilbride Mcnamee in praise of Cathal O’Conor”, in: Bergin, Osborn, and Carl Marstrander (eds.), Miscellany presented to Kuno Meyer, Halle: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1912. 167–177.

About the author

Vendryes, J., “Nécrologie: Edmund Crosby Quiggin”, Revue Celtique 38 (1920–1921): 250–252.